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Our walking tours in Berlin


Embark on a journey through history with our comprehensive “Never Again” tour at the Sachsenhausen Memorial, beginning in the city of Oranienburg. As we step into the past, we unravel the roots of Hitler’s ascent to power, the strategic selection of this location for the camp, and the chilling history of concentration camps. Discover how the city endured wartime bombings, leaving the camp untouched.

Events in Berlin


A place for dark comedy and dark humour people! Not for the faint of heart – only the most vile, twisted and demented comedy will be seen! New Year, but our depressing lives move on. Time to make fun of it. Or end it after the show. Up to you. It’s a dark and twisted show by demented people (us) for screwed up people (you)!


Got trouble at work? Your team spirit not up? Just can’t get the corporate culture to align with your vision board?! Don’t waste your money on consultants and SAP products, bring your whole team to this hilarious crowd work Comedy Show in English. We will give the best worst advice you will ever hear and solve all your problems at work, with your colleagues and at home on top, cause we are that competent – but always with a twinkle in our eyes.