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English Comedy - Culture Shock

Come and strain your laugh muscles. Turn that frown upside down. Let's bring some smiles and laughs to Berlin

Quick Details

Where: Z Bar, Berlin Mitte Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin


Have you lived in different countries and are somewhat confused about your national / international identity? Then this is the show for you – Culture Shock is a comedy series that celebrates cultural diversity and elevates any identity to that of global world citizen.

Join various Expat comics sharing their hilarious misadventures about how (not) to integrate in Germany.

Come laugh and learn all about the different cultures these comedians represent in a night of non-stop laughter!

Let’s celebrate all the loveable quirks as well as frustrating attributes our hosts showcase on a daily basis. And for a bit of inside information, we’ll have 4 fabulous and hilarious Comedians to teach you their ways.