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Can You Handle Us!

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James Cologne Guides

“Professor J.B.”

“James is originally from San Antonio in the US and has lived in Cologne since 2007, where he works as a teacher, tour guide and sometime translator. He has a passion for history and loves Cologne’s ancient ruins!”

a man wearing a hat and glasses


“Helgi is an Icelander, who has been living in Germany for a while now. He studied English Literature and was a teacher of English for many years. Now he works as a translator when he is not doing walking tours of Cologne.”

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

(Best by Berlin)

Nichole is the best thing to happen to Berlin since the wall fell.

Born and raised in isolation in rural Australia, she now craves the attention of the masses and her loved ones often tell her she talks too much, perfect attributes for a tour guide. She finds true joy in sharing stories and learning from each other in a laid back manner.

a person taking a selfie in the snow“That guy”

“Cole grew up in a small town in rural Ohio and has spent his entire life since trying to get as far away from there as possible. His multiple applications to NASA having been turned down on the grounds of “lacking any useful skills whatsoever” and “oh my God, how did he get in here again”, Cole decided to turn to the only job he was actually qualified for: excitedly yelling at strangers in exchange for money. He fell off of part of a volcano one time, but it’s alright, he survived.”

The Show

“The Show”

“Anshita Koul is a Storyteller, Standup Comedian, and always online on Instagram. She calls herself a hippie with a borrowed Netflix account. Her hobbies include dancing, collecting pistachio shells and talking about herself in the third person.”

a person holding a sign

“Señorita Colonia”

“Emma is a Spanish musicology and pedagogy student who was born and raised in the Cologne area. After living in Madrid for some years as a volunteer and for her studies, now she is back in her hometown to show you around!”

Can-You-Handle-It-Tours-Guide-7“The Legend”

Kai is the founder and nut job of CYHIT. Born in Brooklyn, NY has been living in Europe since 2007, from the age of 22. He started blowing minds (that’s what he thinks) in 2010 with his alternative tour concepts and goofy delivery. Pick a city, he is probably a guide there.

Narella Cologne“Smiles for miles”

Outgoing and funny, Narella guided in different places around Europe, until the Kölner Dom and the Kölsch beer conquered her heart forever. After years of working as a tour guide, she knows about the importance of a warm smile and a good story to tell.

a person standing next to a body of water

“Señorita Stephania”

‘Stephania is not your typical Brit Bird, born and raised in Venezuela, obtained a degree in Tourism Administration Business, and did some unfinished Uni courses of International Studies and Diplomacy, worked for a many tourist related companies which means, she is a fellow traveller too! Has lived in North America and since 2019 in Nottingham. Stephania is passionate about?? Yes, you guessed it right; Tourism, History, Heritage, Linguistics, Arts and so much more. She is ready and more than happy to take you around Notts for an entertaining stroll and chat!”

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