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Rude Bastards Tour of® Medieval Berlin

Bastards since MMXIX

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***Please book for free to guarantee a spot. Tours require minimum 3 guests to operate. Guides will only wait 10 minutes max past the starting time**


Good Old Times Berlin:

Starting in March 2024, the Rude Bastards Walking Tour has another addition, the Old Berlin walking tour. The same old famous, or infamous rude bastards – your humorous guides who enjoy dirty jokes, rude language, and a bit of fun – will be conducting this historic tour. But now we are bringing something unique to the city.

Do not expect to hear about the Nazis and the Communists, this walk is not about that. In this tour you will discover Berlin in the time of its origins, the Medieval times, turning into the capital, first of the Electorate of Brandenburg, the Kingdom of Prussia, the North German Confederation and the German Empire.

We will explore this ever-changing city, the remains of the old and forgotten past, walking through the heart of the city centre, seeing the oldest buildings, establishments, and even fake historical points. Instead of merely seeing the historical sites, which stand today mostly as museums or galleries, you will hear the stories of when they were palaces and castles full of intrigue and drama.

We will learn about the old Berliners and why these people are so rebellious, self-righteous, and unfriendly.Enjoy a comedic tour with inappropriate jokes and rude language, all while paying the proper respect to the city and its sights where due. Discuss everything from historical facts to current events and find out where to get the best food and beer in town.