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Royal Rude Bastards Tour of® Potsdam

Royally Rude Since 2022

Quick Details

***Please book for free to guarantee a spot. Tours require minimum 4 guests to operate. The guide will be taking the 10:00 train. Guests need to buy ABC zone ticket  and be 10 minutes early, we will leave on time.**


Private tours in the month of December also available

Group of 1-4
Group of 5-10
Group of 11-15

Our Walk In Potsdam

The politically incorrect Potsdam tour and its’ crazy Prussian Kings and their palaces! Enjoy a well-rounded historical view of the royal city of Potsdam. If you know the Rude Bastards tour of Berlin, you will love these Royal Bastards!

Potsdam, the German Versailles, was forgotten for decades of abandonment by East Germany authorities, and recently has once again renovated its Gardens and Prussian Palaces to the World. We will explore the residence of the Hohenzollern, Prussian Kings, later the last German Kaisers.

The highlight of the tour is certainly Potsdam’s unique Sanssouci Palace, the personal project of the craziest of all Prussian kings, Frederick the Great. We will discuss at length what unique things this madman created at Sanssouci.

We will give you all the dirt about Frederick, whom we lovingly call Fritz, and many other famous royals of the house Hohenzollern, the German royal family that still has living descendants.

All in all we will explore several different historic sites including Potsdam’s historical centre AKA the Old Market Square, the original Brandenburger Gate and the Palace of the Conference of Potsdam, and poke fun at all of them.

This is a 4 hour-long walking tour, so be prepared for lengthy walks. Bring your walking shoes and lots of water!


Cecillienhof Palace, Brandenburger Strasse and Gate, Friedenskirche, Sanssouci Palace, Frederick the Great Grave, Historical Mill, Orangerie Palace, Neue Palace.

**There will be a break in the middle and please keep in mind the train ride is 30min each way**