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Laughing Spree Comedy

It's Berlin's #1 (and only) English Comedy Show on a Boat. On the Spree River. It's Laughing Spree Comedy!

Quick Details


Floating Lounge, Mühlenstraße 73
Every Sunday and Tuesday

Laughing Spree Comedy is a weekly comedy show with an extremely friendly atmosphere and some of Berlin’s finest comedians, lots of guest comedians and the occasional first timer, right by the East Side Gallery.

This is an interactive Comedy Show where you and your issues are the centre of attention. Finally, a group therapy session that’s affordable. Together with some of the finest Comedians we will crack the code of how to improve your work place, your team dynamic and your general problems in life. This is a very friendly show and crowd work is entirely up to you – whatever level of interaction you are comfortable with, that’s what we will adhere to.

In fact, we will let you answer a few questions anonymously and use those prompts to solve your issues without addressing you in person (unless you are up for that).

Each Comedian has 5-7 minutes to make you laugh. See you buoys and gulls aboard. Keep on laughing!