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Can You Handle It? Tours

Walking Tours in Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin & More

Walking Tours in Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin & More

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Terrific day 1 overview - Amsterdam

"A terrific first day overview. Some well known sights but some other fantastic sights through Amsterdam's nooks and crannies. The pace was slow initially due to heavy foot traffic. Andy is super friendly, and half the fun was hearing of her personal experiences in Amsterdam and beyond.

– Christina via TripAdvisor
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Amazing Cologne Classic Tour

"The Tour in Cologne was amazing, the Tour Guide Sofia is a genius, she gave us all the necessary details with enough interesting information! I would love to keep doing tours with her :)"

– Marina. via TripAdvisor
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A group tour that not only won't bore you to death but is actually fun.

"A group tour that not only won't bore you to death but is actually fun. I only wandered off and got lost once but they made the effort to find me again! (and it wasn't intentional) I actually stayed and enjoyed the tour, laughing and learning all the way until the end for once! I highly recommend them and they are in other cities too! Danke Cole!!"

– Jessica. via TripAdvisor
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Great Tour

"Great tour of Nottingham Center! We really enjoyed learning about the extensive history of the city. Stephania was really enthusiastic and knowledgeable!"

– Parker. via TripAdvisor
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Perfect Walking Tour!

"Mark, our tour guide was really nice with us, he has a great sense of humor (kind of weird sometimes but we are the same so...) and his explanations were really clear and interesting. We walked for two hours and we finished at the beer museum so is there any better ending??"

– Patricia G. via TripAdvisor
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Fun, engaging Berlin tour !

"Fantastic overview of must-see Berlin. Alot covered, med-fast paced. 3 of us . A 50+, 19 and 18yo. We all enjoyed it. Do this if you want a great summary of the city's history and have a cheeky sense of humour and okay with pushing of boundaries ! Kai is fantastic. Uber friendly and helpful. Couldn't recommend this tour enough."

– Christin . via TripAdvisor

Can-You-Handle-It-Tours-Guide-7“The Legend”

Kai is the founder and nut job of CYHIT. Born in Brooklyn, NY has been living in Europe since 2007, from the age of 22. He started blowing minds (that’s what he thinks) in 2010 with his alternative tour concepts and goofy delivery. Pick a city, he is probably a guide there.

Narella Cologne

“Smiles for miles”

Outgoing and funny, Narella guided in different places around Europe, until the Kölner Dom and the Kölsch beer conquered her heart forever. After years of working as a tour guide, she knows about the importance of a warm smile and a good story to tell.

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Andy (Crazy Artist)

Andy is a crazy artist and passionate traveler. Over the years she visited and lived in many different countries around the world – being a tour guide, artist and life explorer. Currently she fell in love with Amsterdam and so she enjoys the best of it. She is going to show you the city through her eyes, with a huge passion, energy and lots of fun.