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Stuttgart has the cool pools!

Mineral baths

Did you know that Stuttgart is the second largest city in Europe that has mineral water source pools ? Leuze, located just outside of downtown Stuttgart, is where you need to go to see this. Here you can enjoy up to nine different pools, some outdoors and others indoors, whose temperatures range between 20 and…

The relationship with Stuttgart and wine

a view of a lush green field

When you visit the beautiful city of Stuttgart, you can certainly take some time and make a getaway to Esslingen am Neckar , a city within the federal state of Badem Württemberg, and the capital of the district of Esslingen. It is located on the banks of the River Neckar, 10 km from Stuttgart’s city center Its…

Stuttgart.. Did you know?

Recently Stuttgart has been reported to receive annually more than 3 million overnight stays from tourists all over the world. It’s a city known for captivating sites and varied activities. But beautiful sites and dreamy walks are not all this city has to offer. For those interested in more dark and somber pages in history,…