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Amsterdam Canal shot

You will be forever in awe of the Magic Amsterdam has to offer, the beautiful scenery, romantic ambiance and friendly atmosphere. Due to its historic elegant and bawdy nature, the city gives you the feel of a small town, where anything can be reached by foot and bike. This makes this city to be one of Europe’s most enthralling ones to visit.

Amsterdam has a fascinating history and there is an intriguing charm about this city. The sounds
are enchanting, ringing bike bells, local chatter and music flowing out of the open
cafes. It is a city with its arms wide open, welcoming to all from around the world. There is always something new and interesting to stumble upon as you turn and twist through the city

Exploring a city is all about walking and/or cycling its streets, watching how it lives. Walking around Amsterdam is the best thing you can do. The streets of Amsterdam can confuse you, they often look the same, but with confusion comes a lot of amazing things. Amsterdam is truly
beautiful and unique, bursting with a treasure trove of historical buildings, flower markets, public parks and wonderful museums. The canals and bike paths give way to a fascinating mix of history and culture.

Bicycles of course are the preferred way to get around the city by locals. Riding around by bike is definitely the best way to soak it all up quicker. The cycling culture is a way of life here, you will fit right in with the locals if you decide to cycle. BUT be prepared!

Many of the city’s top attractions are found through all these streets including: quirky museum districts, the Old Centre, Dam square, Red light districts, and the iconic
Amsterdam canal belt, among others.  This place will most likely exceed your expectations. If you go with an open mind, you will definitely fall in love with Amsterdam.