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Coming to Nottingham?

a large stone building with a mountain in the background
When someone mentions Nottingham we think of the famous thief in green tights, Robin Hood. If you ask a local what to see in the city, they most likely will not send you to the castle, but to the Caves.

At City Of Caves , you can see how its caves were used for different purposes for centuries. They have the only underground tannery in all of England, a place where animal skin was processed. It is very well preserved, and tourists can easily see that families of different wealth chose to live in these caves. The skin processing method was never known as sanitary! Some caves were used as a sewage deposit, while others as ice storage. Big difference right?

During the 19th century the Caves became slums and people lived there in terrible conditions, until 1923 when they were declared illegal and destroyed. On our walking tour of Nottingham, we will point you to the last two caves that can still be visited.

During World War II the caves were used by the population to protect themselves from the incessant German bombardments.

This and much more you can see and know in City of Caves, undoubtedly an excellent attraction for all tourists.