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Stuttgart.. Did you know?

Recently Stuttgart has been reported to receive annually more than 3 million overnight stays from tourists all over the world. It’s a city known for captivating sites and varied activities.
But beautiful sites and dreamy walks are not all this city has to offer. For those interested in more dark and somber pages in history, we can have a glance at a famous prison, Stammheim Prison. This less visited site can be found in the North of the city. The prison became famous for housing the main members of the Red Army Fraction (RAF by its German acronym: Rote Armee Fraktion) during the trials to which they were subjected, in 1975. At the same time, a court was created so that the trial could take place inside the prison, for safety. This was later recognized as one of the safest prison blocks on the entire planet.
However, despite all this security, Ulrike Meinhof was found hanging on May 9, 1976. Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ennslin and Jan Carl Raspe allegedly committed suicide, inside the high security block on the night of October 18, 1977. This event was known as the “Night of Death” by members of the RAF.
The prisoners’ deaths were among the collective events known as the German Autumn, which included a series of terrorist attacks.
Did you know all this? In the next entry we will share further unique Stuttgart data. Or join us on our FREE walking tour for further detail on Stammheim Prison. Later!