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Berlin Zoo

Berlin zoo

If you travel to Berlin with children, one of the attractions that you cannot miss is the Berlin Zoo.

It is located in the old Kurfürstendamm district , and is the most visited in all of Europe, with 2.6 million visitors from around the world. It is open all year round and is easily accessible by public transport.

It was opened on August 1, 1844, being the first zoo in Germany. The aquarium was opened in 1913. The first animals that inhabited the zoo were donated by Frederick William IV of Prussia.

At the end of the 2nd World War the zoo was practically destroyed and only 91 of the 3,195 animals survived. While it is an exciting attraction for children, the history bites found in some parts of the Zoo will fascinate the adults as well.

When you visit Berlin, do not hesitate to enjoy this magnificent Zoo