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Donner Kebab and Berlin

Doner kebab

One of Berlin’s popular characteristics is its gastronomic diversity. You can’t look at any “Berlin top 10” lists without seeing the Donner Kebab! This turkish “delicacy” has been around for quite some time now and was originally devoured off a plate, not in a sandwich, or wrap form. The invention of putting meat on bread with salad and sauces became popular in Berlin around the 1970’s by Turkish immigrants. 

There are two entrepreneurs that dispute the ownership of this invention. The first is named Mehmet Aygün, who started selling this delicious meal at a location called City-Imbiss, in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The other mastermind chef was Kadir Nurman, who had his own location next to the train station Berlin-Zoo. However, the Manufacturers Association in Europe gave Nurman credit for the kebab. In Berlin there are more than 1600 doner kebab locations to enjoy. Ironically, just a bit more than in Istanbul!