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Cologne has some Beef!

a sign above a store

Cologne is known for its local beer called Kolsch (amongst other amazing qualities). However, it is not only beer Cologne natives and newcomers enjoy. Food has also helped their reputation! See, it is necessary to mention other important points when it comes to Cologne and your dining experience.

Hamburgers! What??  If you like hamburgers, you cannot miss this hamburger joint called Beef Brothers, located on Aachener Str. 12. They make sure to prepare this awesomeness in front of you, with love and hugs (pre covid of course). There is an amazing variety to get lost in and you can also customize them with your favorite ingredients. The small burger (which is deceiving) and a drink is about 7 euros.

It has few tables, that should not discourage you,  so try to go outside of key hours to be able to sit quietly, so you can eat loud and proud. It should be on your to do list once in Cologne!