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Can you party in Berlin?


It is possible that you have heard Berlin is the capital of … Yes, electronic music and of course one of the best cities for nightlife.  The variety of bars, discos and clubs for the most part, is amazing and interesting. You can go from the largest such as Trésor or Berghain, to the smallest in the world: A Telephone Booth !! If you haven’t been there yet, you can go to the RAW venue, in front of Cassiopeia (Warschauer Straße station), and enjoy it, but be careful if you bring a lot of friends, it will surely be a tight fit. What else would you like to know?

We have also found the right solution for the tight spaces, silent disco “walk’n’dance” tour! Social distance disco success! Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm starting at Gendarmenmarkt!

a group of people posing for the camera