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King of Pop and Hotel Adlon

Hotel Adlon in the background

Many Berlin tourists come here looking for a famous hotel, with countless appearances in tabloids and news, especially in the 2000s. If you are a Doctor Who fan, you might even remember it from there. If you are an Obama fan, you probably know it from his stay in Berlin. We will of course take you there! After a short walk, we pass through the Brandenburg Gate, and you will find yourself in front of the Hotel Adlon. At first sight, it is nothing more than just another beautiful hotel. Yet over the years, this is what many rich and famous have called home away from home. Among these celebrities, the most memorable visit was that of the late Michael Jackson.

Do you remember when the King of Pop wanted to show the world his newest child, Hint: Blanket? Who can ever forget the image of a baby dangling from the arms of a smiling father over a hotel balcony? Caught up in the excitement, and cheered on by thousands of fans and paparazzi,  he tried to introduce the world to his pride and joy, in what he later called a “terrible mistake”, and would have preferred the world to forget.