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Cologne nature walk

Wahn Heath

There are some remarkable places to visit in Cologne, especially if you get a chance to drift away from the urban areas. Locals and visitors are generally hungry for hidden jewels to explore. 

The Wahn Heath, is an oasis of green recreation found just around the corner from the downtown crowds. There, you can find  700 different endangered plant and animal species, leaving it to be one of their last available havens. This natural landscape is the second largest in the North Rhine region and the one with the most biodiversity. To be explored are lagoons, dunes, wetland meadows, dry grasslands, streams, and riparian forests. 

While walking its trails, you can observe exotic plants, such as the pink Dactylorhiza sphagnicola, a delicate type of orchid, or the natterjack toad, native to Europe and an endangered species. Another unique resident to see is the Asian water buffalo, which was introduced in 2010 to reinforce efforts to preserve the Wahn Heath. 

There are three additional locations for more exploration: Gut Leidenhausen (Cologne-Porz), Burg Wissem (Troisdorf) and the Steinhaus building (Bergisch Gladbach).

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