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That Guy

Cole grew up in a small town in rural Ohio and has spent his entire life since trying to get as far away from there as possible. His multiple applications to NASA having been turned down on the grounds of “lacking any useful skills whatsoever” and “oh my God, how did he get in here again”, Cole decided to turn to the only job he was actually qualified for: excitedly yelling at strangers in exchange for money. He fell off of part of a volcano one time, but it’s alright, he survived.

Darren's tours

What tour takers said about Darren

Getting a bit merry on our tour around Berlin Clair B

Cole the Crazy Flamingo Yank was very knowledgeable and showed us some interesting sights. If you're easily offended, then give it a miss 😉

– - on Tripadvisor
Sarcasm meets Berlin Alisa D

If sarcasm were an Olympic sport, Cole would be taking home the gold, silver, and bronze. The man's wit is sharper than the Berlin Wall.

– - on Tripadvisor