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Amsterdam Lights District

a building lit up at night

There are very few that wouldn’t say Amsterdam is a fascinating city. A lot of people when talking about Amsterdam, tend to highlight about the red light district and everything related to sex of course. Have you ever asked or thought of why there are no men inside the booths in the district? I’m sure you can think of a couple of reasons why. Funny thing is, it was simply attempted once, the media went into a frenzy and invaded the street where the only three men who volunteered to work at the position were located. The next day, no man returned for the job. Amazing.. Or is it?

For those thinking “well, is that true?’ Think again, this famous neighborhood, for the ones ever so interested in trying the booths in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, you should be aware that there are three different lights or better yet, preferences. The Red Light District, famous for its ladies, the purple light, signifies that the lady is a transvestite. Then finally, the blue. The blue light signifies the person behind the glass is transgender or transvestite and are generally a bit more out of sight or hidden.