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Rude Bastards Tour of® Cologne

Rude, Fun and Educational since 2013

Quick Details

Learn about the history of Cologne as you visit the city’s iconic landmarks.

  • Dom
  • Belgian quarter
  • Party locations
  • Hahnentor (Gate)
  • St. Kolumbia
  • Old town and more

***Please book for free to guarantee a spot. Tours require minimum 3 guests to operate. Guides will only wait 10 minutes max past the starting time**

Groups of 1-7
Groups of 8-15

Walking in Köln like a Rude Local

This Cologne walking tour stands out among many other guided tours offered in this great city – like a middle finger!  This is an English language walking tour that covers the historic part of Cologne. We guarantee it will be full of bad language, bad-taste jokes and, yes, of course, irreverent history lessons! 

The guide of course shares insight into the history of Cologne and gives you great tips on the best places to visit, eat, and drink. But more than that, expect to learn a lot about the city while you hear fun stories and have a great time. No snowflakes allowed!

The walking tour goes through major points of interest such as the Cologne Cathedral also called the Cologne Dom, the Belgian Quarter, the Hahnentor Gate, St. Kolumbia and Cologne’s old town, talking about the rich history of medieval Cologne and its famous landmarks. Be prepared to hear an uncensored account of the city’s role in German history.

We also stop near the LGBTQ district and have a more flexible look at the outskirts of the cities, and introduce you to all the party locations in this musical city. Cologne’s rich musical history and its deep influence on modern electronic and techno music make the city a music lovers’ delight!

If you want a more regular (but also fun) sort of tour of the city, do check out our Funky Fun Walking Tour.