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Rude Bastards Tour of® Amsterdam

Rude since 2021

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Fun, original, entertaining and perfect taste of humor – are only a few of the things tour takers had to say about the Rude Bastards Walking Tour of Amsterdam (check out our reviews on TripAdvisor). This long-running tour is a perfect fit for newcomers to the city, introducing the well-known landmarks as well as finding out about the lesser-known but interesting places to go to in Amsterdam.

The guided walking tour in English will begin at the iconic Central Station(Amsterdam Central (Zentraal Station), a marvel built on an artificial island supported by 8000 pillars. We will explore many of the historic sights that are easily overlooked, and talk about the seafaring history of the Dutch with a visit to the Café en ‘t Aepjen, or the Cafe in the Monkeys!

We will dig into the city’s LGBTQ+ history at Café ‘t Mandje, an Amsterdam icon known for its openness during a time of societal restraint. We will explore a mixture of cultures at the Fo Guang Shan He Hua Temple in Chinatown and stroll through the vibrant New Markt, steeped in Dutch Golden Age history.

Marvel at the Bridge of the Staalmeesters, which is also a great site to take the best Selfies in Amsterdam, and gain insight into the Dutch East India Company at the University of Amsterdam. We will admire the eclectic architecture of Tuschinski Theatre, and why the Tulips of Amsterdam are so famous since the 17th century . Then we visit the tranquil Begijnhof, a haven with a tale of Catholic-Protestant struggles.

We will talk briefly about the stories housed within the Amsterdam Museum and stand at the historic Dam Square, where the city originated, Ground Zero of Amsterdam. Explore the New Church and the Royal Palace, witnessing the transformation from a town hall to a royal residence.

Throughout the trip, prepare to be tickled by our guides’ rogue sense of humor and gasp at the inappropriate jokes! No one is spared, from Napoleon to the spice traders, from the greedy corporate directors of history to legendary artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. We will of course talk about Anne Frank, Nazis, Red Light District and of course good old marijuana . We are the CYHIT, we can talk about those subjects.


Amsterdam Centraal station, Café Karpershoek, Nieuwezijds kolk, Dam Square, Amsterdam Museum, Begijnhof, Bloemenmarkt, Staalmeestersbrug, Rembrandthuis, Nieuwemarkt