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Rude Bastards tour Berlin tip of the day

Since COVID19, us here in Berlin, have been tired of being rude indoors. Rather than doing walking tours, we can be found walking and touring solo around the neighborhood! The biggest hot spot in our neighborhood is of course, the supermarket, followed closely by the kebab shop still opened. Luckily everyone in Berlin is a natural born biker, so it’s easy to hop on your bike to run errands, and stay away from the public means of transportation. Those of you who do not have a bike can easily download an app and rent those cool bikes parked around the city, even the pink electric ones. And for those a little more adventurous, give those sexy scooters a chance, you’re less likely to have an accident now that there are no humans around. Just remember, those have to be used on a bike path or the street, never on the sidewalk. So go on, have your own free walk and maybe let us know where you’ve been walking, even send us your favorite empty city picture!