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Next time in Köln (Cologne)


Now that Spring is around the corner, outdoor activities become the new norm, especially in Köln (Cologne). Once you have finished visiting the obvious touristic spots, such as the Cologne Cathedral, you can relax and take in the sun next to the River Rhine. For you jocks out there, you can also play some sports, or even BBQ at Aachener Weiher and Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park. If you are not pressed by responsibilities, party until the next day at Zülpicher Strasse and Ehrenfeld! Rent out a bike or scooter, from point A – B it is max 15 minutes anywhere in Köln.

For those of you who would prefer not to check out the city alone, or feel the itch for some Kölle Alaaf, check out a free walking tour with Can You Handle It Tours (CYHIT). You might even make a friend or two who will join you on the above mentioned adventures. After, continue with an early afternoon walk, chasing some of the cool places you visited on the tour. And now that that’s done, you can continue with that afternoon BBQ and night time party!

Walking-Tour-of-CologneFor those of you stuck in Koln during these tough times, you can still visit the places above, on your own while maintaining a safe distance from others. CYHIT cannot join you, but we are always available to answer emails, make suggestions and share an instagram laugh or two!