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Pub Crawl Ljubljana – Why Is it a MUST

Pub Crawl Ljubljana

Pub Crawls have been around for a while, so how does Pub Crawl
Ljubljana differ from others?
The clubs and other places aren’t as big in Ljubljana as they would usually be in other European
capitals, which means Pub Crawl Ljubljana puts in extra effort to present party guides, which are
the best at what they do. From having an outstanding party energy, to making sure everyone
feels welcome on the bar hopping experience, to providing you with all the shots for the craziest
nightlife experience you signed up for.

The shots you’ll be getting are also mostly Slovenian traditional shots- getting stronger with
each place you go to-so you might even get some shots free-poured directly into your mouth
before you reach the club! Also, at each place you’ll go to, there will be a different theme to the
place- we got beer pong, official Pub Crawl Ljubljana Challenges, surprises, the wheel of Never
Have I Ever and a lot of party-like features to wake you up the following morning with good

We also have the honor of being the #1 nightlife experience in Ljubljana on TripAdvisor – as if
all the other people on the pub crawl weren't enough of a social proof to join! Make sure to book
YOUR spot, and get the party started!

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