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Siobhán aka Kween Ho€

Meet Siobhán, aka Berlin's unapologetically fierce Kween Ho€! With roots stretching from the Algerian ghetto to the Emerald Isle, Siobhán brings a unique perspective to every tour. For nearly three years, they've been leading pub crawls and guiding visitors through the solemn halls of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp memorial. Armed with a quick wit and a deep passion for social justice, Siobhán challenges the status quo while sharing Berlin's rich history all while navigating the world through the lens of autism. Despite living in the techno capital, they're more likely to be found vibing to old school hip hop. When not fighting patriarchy, you can catch Siobhán sipping on a Cosmopolitan in the best cocktail bars in Berlin while hunting for new Pokémon dressed as Barbie or Batwoman.

Siobhán's tours


Embark on a journey through history with our comprehensive “Never Again” tour at the Sachsenhausen Memorial, beginning in the city of Oranienburg. As we step into the past, we unravel the roots of Hitler’s ascent to power, the strategic selection of this location for the camp, and the chilling history of concentration camps. Discover how the city endured wartime bombings, leaving the camp untouched.

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