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Parking in Cologne sucks!


Parking your vehicle in any city can be difficult, Cologne is no exception.

If you are driving into or around Cologne looking for a free parking spot in the city center, forget it! It is always crowded and stressful. 

Cologne consistently receives a large influx of tourists throughout the year. That, along with the locals occupying places, doesn’t leave much space for people like you and me. So why endure so much stress in looking for a free parking space? Here is the solution: If you can, try to park your car outside of the city center. That way you exercise, burn calories and have a spot free of charge!

The other route is, see if you can find one of the parking lots (Parkhaus). It’s only EUR 2 an hour (much cheaper than the paid parking spots open in the city).

Conclusion: Get up close and personal with the city on foot. What? Enter our website and join our Free Walking Tours.