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Who is Brian Clough?

Brian Clough monument!

Who do you think of when you hear Nottingham? Is it that guy who robs the wealthy to give to the poor? That’s it, Robin hood. In addition to this mythical character, Nottingham is known for being the home of Football Player/Coach Brian Clough, for The Nottingham Forest

“If God had wanted us to play soccer in heaven, He would have put grass on it.” The author of the phrase, Englishman Brian Clough, and his mythical Nottingham Forest team would occupy a preferential place in that field. Without the figure of this Middlesbrough coach, the surprising adventure of this team couldn’t be conceived. Brian Clough, controversial, conceited, methodical and cunning. A coach capable of getting up at dawn to flood the playing field the day before a big European match or would hold his team a few days before a match, to save the marriage of his players (and to win of course), but to also stress out the players when they had to explain to their wives why they have not been home in days! Bit of a ball buster!

When you visit the beautiful city of Nottingham, don’t miss taking a picture next to the Brian Clough monument!