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Hockley side of Nottingham

Happy scene Nottingham

If you asked locals the question, “Soho is to New York as (blank) is to Nottingham.” the answer will soon be: Hockley. This neighborhood is known to be a fun and creative section of the city, with a trendy mix of places to enjoy. 


Hockley is integrated with the famous “Creative Quarter” of Nottingham, a project aimed at promoting creativity in the city, and filled with innovative stores, restaurants and bars. Do and don’t get stuck at Goose Gate, where you will find a pleasant variety of gastronomic magic! After enjoying your dinner, make sure to take a stroll nearby Broad Street until you reach the movie theater Broadway, or to the Nottingham Theater of the Arts on George Street. Lastly, if you would like to dance and go for drinks, try not to miss out on the nightlife it has to offer. Being a university city, there is always action lingering in places like Baa Bar, Jam Café and Boilermaker. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your shoes and head out to Hockley for a great time!