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BBB (Best by Berlin)

Nichole is the best thing to happen to Berlin since the wall fell. Born and raised in isolation in rural Australia, she now craves the attention of the masses and her loved ones often tell her she talks too much, perfect attributes for a tour guide. She finds true joy in sharing stories and learning from each other in a laid back manner.

Nichole's tours

What tour takers said about Nichole

A fantastic tour around Berlin Tonyka Luxton

Nichole was casual & relaxed, discussed the history with respect, whilst also being charismatic, engaging and having a sense of humour.

– - on Google
A fantastic tour around Berlin Wendy W

Nichole was an excellent guide. Informative but casual. Spoke like I would with my friends, explanations including “Berlin had the crap bombed out of it” with a few f*cks thrown in.

– - on Tripadvisor