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C贸rdoba Eco-Experience – La Cumbre

Tailored to suit your preferences and budget

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馃搷 Brief Travel Guide聽


馃寗 C贸rdoba, Argentina

  • Embark on an eco-adventure in the heart of Argentina.
  • Connect deeply with nature, culture, and history.
  • Explore captivating landscapes and ancient indigenous sites.
  • Experience sustainable practices and holistic activities.


馃彏锔 Indiginous Spirit聽

  • Embark on guided hikes to explore ancient sacred sites in the Valle de Ongmira
  • Learn about the rich indigenous history of the region.
  • Marvel at the tranquility of the mountains and connect with the local culture.


馃帹 Cultural Heritage

  • Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of La Cumbre.
  • Visit historical sites like Ischil铆n and La Cumbre to uncover the region’s past.
  • Explore museums, art galleries, and artisan workshops along the Camino de los Artesanos.


馃崌 Agroecological Attractions聽

  • Experience sustainable winemaking practices at Vi帽edos Nebula.
  • Discover handcrafted natural cosmetics and local produce.
  • Engage with triple-impact projects and eco-friendly initiatives in the region.


馃尦 Holistic Activities

  • Embark on outdoor adventures like paragliding and mountain biking in Cuchi Corral.
  • Experience the thrill of skydiving at Aeroatelier.
  • Participate in holistic activities such as cocoa ceremonies and ecstatic dances to rejuvenate your mind and body.


馃彣 Accommodations and Dining

  • Indulge in sustainable luxury accommodations or eco-friendly lodging options.
  • Savor the flavors of Cordoban cuisine at local restaurants and cafes.
  • Experience the warmth and hospitality of the region’s people throughout your stay.


Day by Day Guide


Days/Nights Concepts Activities
Day 1聽 Arriving & settle in at La Cumbre聽聽

Arrival at sustainable boutique hotel accommodation nestled in the Punilla Valley. A day dedicated to feeling the mountains and their deep energy.

All day Spa (optional)聽

18-20 Open Conference (optional): C贸rdoba and Argentina in a brief presentation to know better this region’s nature and people.聽

20hs Optional Dinner in a marvelous restaurant Mola.

Day 2聽 Day of Connection

Dive into yourself, Nature, and the ancient inhabitants of the region.

7-8 am (Optional) Practice deep breathing and expose yourself to cold water. Learn about Wim Hof’s Breathing Method and try a brief immersion in cold water in the morning, experiencing its direct benefits for mental and physical health.

8 – 9 am Breakfast (included).

10 – 15 Visit to the Sacred Hill of Colchiqui – Charalqueta in the mystical Valley of Ongamira. Moderate difficulty trekking. Recognition of the nature of these ancient mountains and Meditation and connection with the indigenous peoples at the summit.

15 – 16 pm Lunch. List of options

16 – 18聽 Free afternoon. Options:

21 Dinner聽 (list of options)

Day 3

Jesuitic C贸rdoba

Dive into the Jesuit history in this ancient region.

7-8 am Awakening Meditation (Optional): Start the day with a beautiful meditation that invites us to calm our thoughts and feel a little more the Life that embraces us and surrounds us. Arreglar con VIRGINIA.

8 – 9 am Breakfast (included).

10 – 18 pm Jesuitic Cordoba: Excursion in the Cordoba Mountains to experience the history of this congregation in the region.

16 – 18聽 Free afternoon. Options:

21 Dinner聽 (list of options)

Day 4 Sustainable and Regenerative C贸rdoba.

Discover local agroecological production with visits to honey, olive, and wine producers.

7-8 am (Optional) Awakening Yoga. Start your day with a beautiful but powerful brief yoga practice that invites us to get to know our bodies and feel the vital energy that runs through us all the time. Arreglar con VIRGINIA.

8 – 9 am Breakfast (Included).

10 – 15 Agroecological Cordoba: we will visit Triple Impact Projects and end by visiting the Nebula vineyard with a rich tasting of their wines and lunch with its beautiful view of the mountains.聽

16 – 18聽 Free afternoon. Options:


18 鈥 21 Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance: After connecting with the cocoa according to the tradition of the ancient Mayans, we will open ourselves to a moving meditation experience with music to connect and express ourselves freely.

21 Dinner: List of options.

Day 5 Farewell 8 – 9 am Breakfast (included).

16 – 18聽 Free afternoon. Options: