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Currywurst Berlin

food on a plate

Without a doubt, visiting other countries and their cities implies knowing, in addition to their culture, a bit of their gastronomy.

When asking a local what to eat in Berlin, the answer is easy: CURRYWURST, a cooked or grilled German sausage. It is served cut into slices and is accompanied by ketchup sauce and curry powder. Next to it you can order German rolls or simple French fries. It is very common in street stalls, in markets and fairs, and especially in the touristic locations across the city.

The invention of this recipe is due to Herta Heuwer , who in 1949 (date currently in dispute) at her street stall on the corner of Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße, in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, started serving frying sausages with tomato sauce, curry, Worcestershire powder and other seasonings. In 1959, she registered it as a trademark and named it Chillup .

Later, Mrs. Heuwer’s cart was turned into a store and the area was called Rotlichtviertel (area where brothels and nightclubs are). This place was open 24 hours a day and during its glory days, it had up to 20 employees. Rival chain Kraft Foods was unable to purchase the recipe from Ms. Heuwer, as she always declined their offers. Since 2003 you can find a commemorative plaque in honor of Herta Heuwers as the discoverer of Currywurst.