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Chocolate Museum Cologne



The city of Cologne (Köln), Germany is known worldwide for its impressive medieval Cathedral, but don’t be fooled. This city has a much more to share!

Germany is undoubtedly known worldwide for its exquisite Beer, but even more of its tourists return home with suitcases filled with famous German chocolate! You can get a taste of this in the Imhoff Chocolate Museum, in the city of Cologne, more precisely in Altstadt Sud

The museum offers its visitors a journey through the history of Chocolate, from its origins during the time of the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs to today’s schokoladehaltigen products and their manufacturing methods.

Among its coolest attractions is the Tropiarium, a 10-meter glass cube, showing a variety of cacao trees. Several miniature production mechanisms can be seen on display, so that visitors can understand the chocolate bars’ production process, the same ones that are available at the entrance of the museum. Make sure to stop by the three-meter-high chocolate fountain, in which wafers can be dipped.

It has a valuable collection of porcelain and silver cups from the 18th and 19th century and Pre-Columbian period pieces, historical brewing machines and a collection of vending machines, as well as hollow chocolate figures. You will hear some of the stories on our free walking tour, but it might be worth a visit, and a taste!