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What do you know about Kenya?

a cat lying on top of a leopard
Kenya is one of the most well-known countries in Africa. Kenya happens to be known for “The Big Five” a term used by hunters to describe Africa’s most difficult animals to hunt: Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Rhinoceros, and Cape Buffalo. All of these exotic animals can be found in Kenya’s National Reserve, Maasai Mara which is the best place for an African Safari!
Kenya is home to the Maasai people. The Maasai are a group of indigenous people who live in the National Reserve, Maasai Mara. They are known for their “jumping dance” and
warrior skills. This group of people is semi-nomadic, although they are reasonably dependent on the market economy. They will often go into major towns and cities of Kenya to sell goats, cows, beads, grains and charcoal just to name a few. For the most part, the Maasai consume meat, milk, and blood from cattle for protein and health needs.
Cow blood is consumed on special occasions, and often by elders to reduce the effects of a hangover (we have found the cure!)!
Kenya, is named after Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain in Africa, just behind Mount Kilimanjaro. The local indigenous peoples in the area of the mountain called  ”Kenia” which translates to “glitter” or “shine”.  The mountain was known as “the mountain that shines” because it is often capped with snow .
Kenya has two main Languages; Swahili and English. Both of these make sense, considering the African location, and the British colonization.While these are the main and official languages, there is a total of 68 spoken languages in Kenya. Most of the other languages spoken in Kenya can be divided according to tribes inhabiting the country.
Kenya is also home to a famous migration. There’s more to Kenya’s wildlife than just
“The Big Five”. The largest overland migration in the world happens here, aptly called The Great Migration which involves a herds of Zebras, antelopes and wildebeest migration from Kenya to Tanzania and back through Mara River, which is full of crocodiles. Many Zebras, antelopes and wildebeest die during the migration due to thirst, hunger, exhaustion, and of course predators. A simple example being pride of lions that follow the migratory herds across the reserve.
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