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A flag is an important distinctive badge of a nation. The Kenyan flag is quite unique and most recognized all over Africa and the world, thanks to our extraordinary athletes. Flags are quite symbolic, the colors and patterns used to design a flag tell a story of the country. It is a symbol that when flown makes the people of a nation proud.
The current Kenyan flag has remained unchanged since the country gained independence from the British in 1963. Before independence, Kenya was using the Union Jack flag between 1895 and 1963.
The Kenyan flag is made up of four colors (black, white ,green ,red) and a warrior’s shield and two crossed spears. The shield and two spears on the flag represent the defense of freedom by the people of Kenya.
This concept was borrowed from the Masai people in Kenya who carry spears and shields. Each color has its own meaning: Black, at the top, representing the people of Kenya. Red, in the middle, represents the blood that was shed to gain independence from the colonizers. Green, at the bottom, representing nature, the country’s landscape and natural beauty. White represents peace and honesty of the Kenyan people.
Whenever the Flag is raised or lowered, the whistle is blown to alert anyone within hearing distance to stop and stand at attention. This is a symbol of respect for the country and the freedom fighters that lost their lives for independence.
It’s also important to note that only the military in government buildings and boy scouts or girl
guides in schools are allowed to raise or lower the flag every day in government buildings. The flags are raised without fail at 6am and lowered at 6pm. In primary and secondary schools, the flag is raised twice a week; on Mondays and on Fridays. The flag should never touch the ground as that it is a sign of surrender and must be folded and handled with much respect and care.
Most Kenyans wear bracelets with the colors of the flag as a sign of pride, patriotism and loyalty to their country, most Kenyans can be spotted wearing beaded bracelets on their arms with colors of the flag on it.
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